Documents and Compliance
Everything you want to know about verification, documents and other legal questions
How are my funds and personal data secured?
We use the technology of secure connections (SSL), which guarantees the confidentiality of user-provided data. SSL-technology provides effective protection of information received from possible interception by third parties. Our Company constantly improves the security technologies used to prevent unauthorized entry into the system, as well as to prevent unauthorized access to data.
How long does the verification take?
The verification process takes up to 24 hours. The actual time of consideration depends on the number of applications received.

We do our best to make this process as fast as possible.
Is it possible to send documents for verification by email?
No. In order to protect your data, all documents should be uploaded only to My Account.
How to pass a credit card verification?
Upload an image of the two sides of your credit card in the appropriate form in My Account.

Please note that you need to close or retouch using the graphical image editor all the numbers that are located between the 6 first and 4 last digits in the front image of a bank card. In turn, on the back image of a credit card, similarly close or retouch the CVV / CVC code. All other data on both sides of the card must be open.
What do you need to pass address verification?
Fill in the appropriate form in My Account and attach a scan of the document that certifies the address of your actual residence. The list of documents and requirements for the passage of the address verification procedure is presented in My Account.
What do you need to pass the verification of identity?
Fill in the appropriate form in My Account and attach a scan of a document that certifies your identity. The list of documents and requirements for passing the identity verification procedure is presented in My Account.
How to change the data specified during sign-up?
To change the data, contact our support team.
What is verification?
Verification is a procedure that provides for documentary confirmation of the user's personal information and is aimed at increasing the degree of protection of the funds and personal account of the client.

To pass the verification, you must perform two mandatory steps: verification of the person (documentary proof of your identity) and verification of the address (documentary proof of the place of your actual residence).
Do I need to sign some documents before starting trading?
You can open a trading account only after the user has studied and accepted a public offer when registering My Account. Acceptance of the Customer Agreement, as well as all annexes to it, means that the trader has a full understanding of all the conditions of these documents and the adoption of the full set of rights and obligations set forth in the Agreement. To sign a paper version of the Client Agreement is not required.
Deposit and Withdraw
Everything you want to know about Deposits and Withdraws
What is the fee for depositing and withdrawing funds from a trading account?
The company does not charge a fee for depositing and withdrawing funds. The commission can keep your bank or payment system through which the payment will be made.
How to withdraw money from the trading account?
Go to the "Withdrawal" section in My Account and make a corresponding application.
How to deposit a trading account?
Detailed information about the methods of depositing a trading account is presented in the corresponding section of My Account.
What is the minimum deposit amount?
Specific limits are set depending on the type of trading account, as well as the replenishment method used.
MetaTrader 4 and Accounts
Everything you want to know about trading platform and managing accounts
Is it possible to change the account currency?
No. The account currency cannot be changed, but you can open a new account in the desired currency.
How to change the size of leverage?
To change the leverage, use the appropriate form in My Account.
Investor password - what is it and how to change it?
The investor password is one of the two main passwords that are used for authorization in the MT4 program. It provides an opportunity to monitor the status of the trading account without the possibility of opening transactions. To establish or change the investor password, use the password change form in My Account.
What to do if the program writes "No connection"?
Check Internet connection. Often problems with communication arise due to problems in the work of the Internet provider.

If you have a stable connection to the Internet, the status of "No connection" continues, then rescan the server. To do this, left-click on the "No connection" icon. After that, a menu will appear where you need to click on the line "Rescan servers".

If the proposed solutions did not help, then click on the "File" function in the top menu of the program. After that, a menu will appear where you need to click on the "Login" line. In the window that appears, enter your trading account number, password, and server address, then click on the "Login" button.

If problems with the connection remain, then contact our support team.
How to connect to a trading account?
Platform connection on the computer.

In the main menu of the terminal, select the "File" tab, then click on the "Connect to trading account" button. After that, a window will open in which you will need to specify the trading account number and the password that you received during the sign-up process. It is important not to confuse the passwords from the trading account and personal account.

In the next step, in the "Server" field, you need to install a suitable server for the type of account you are using and press the "Connect to trading account" button. To save the specified personal data and no need to enter a password for subsequent connections, check the box "Keep personal information".

When all data is entered correctly, the communication indicator, which is located in the lower right corner, should turn green-red.

Terminal connection on mobile devices under iOS

Go to the "Settings" tab (icon with a plus sign), then select the "New account" field. Then click on the button "Connect an existing account".

In the list of servers, find the option corresponding to your trading account, enter the trading account number and password. If you wish, you can lock the "Remember password" checkbox so that you do not specify a password on subsequent connections.

Terminal connection on mobile devices under Android OS

Go to "Account Management".

Click on the "+" icon in the menu that opens, then go to the "Connect an existing account" menu.

In the list of servers, find the option corresponding to your trading account, enter the trading account number and password. If you wish, you can fix the tick "Save password", so that on subsequent connections do not specify a password.
How to open a demo account, what is it for?
As a rule, a demo account is used to study the functionality of a trading platform, conditions provided by a broker, testing a trading strategy or robot advisors.

You can open a demo account in My Account in the "Accounts" section.
What types of accounts does the company provide?
We provide the following types of accounts: ECN, ECN Fix and ECN Mini (Cent).
How to open a trading account?
When registering an account, a trading account is opened automatically. Subsequent accounts can be opened independently through My Account.
How to change the password from My Account?
For changing the password from My Account use the appropriate form in My Account.
I can't log in to My Account. What should I do?
Make sure you enter your username and password correctly. Check the language layout, the presence of Caps Lock turned off and the absence of extra spaces. If the problem could not be fixed, then you can use the password recovery form located on the login page.
I don't receive activation letters after registration. What should I do?
First of all, make sure that you entered your email address correctly during registration. Check your spam folder. If after 5-10 minutes the letters did not reach your email address, then contact our support team.
What is Metatrader 4 and how to install it on my computer/phone?
Metatrader4 is one of the most popular programs for conducting trading operations in the framework of online trading.
How to log in to My Account?
To log in to My Account for the first time, you need to confirm the email by clicking on the link that comes to the email address you specified during sign-up. Further, the entrance to My Account is carried out by username and password.
How to sign up My Account?
To sign up My Account, click on the "Start Trading" button located on the main page of the site, fill in the required information and follow the instructions.
Do I need to sign some documents before starting trading?
You can open a trading account only after the user has studied and accepted a public offer when registering My Account. Acceptance of the Customer Agreement, as well as all annexes to it, means that the trader has a full understanding of all the conditions of these documents and the adoption of the full set of rights and obligations set forth in the Agreement. To sign a paper version of the Client Agreement is not required.
Everything you want to know about trading and conditions
Is trading advisers allowed?
Yes. Trading advisers allowed.
What is a swap?
On Forex an open position is transferred the next day with the accrual of rollovers (swaps). Their size is determined by the difference in the discount rates of the Central Banks issuing the main currency, as well as the currency of the quotation of the trading instrument. It should be noted that the swap can be positive or negative. The Company sets swap rates in accordance with the rates of liquidity providers.
What is leverage?
This is the ratio between the trader's own money and the borrowed funds that the trader takes from his broker. A leverage of 1: 100 means that to open a position, a trader needs to have in his account an amount that is 100 times less than the size of the opened transaction.
Why the order was closed without my participation?
If the margin level on the client's trading account becomes equal to or lower than the "Stop Out" value, the Company has the right to forcibly close any open orders in the trading account at the current market prices without prior notice and consent of the client.
The "New Order" key is inactive. What should I do in this situation?
The cause of this problem most often are:

- The application of the investor password in the authorization process in Metatrader4, which is used only to monitor the trading. In this situation, in the "Journal" section there will be the status of [Investor mode], meaning "the inability to perform trading operations". To start trading, exit the terminal and run the program again, indicating the valid trading password when authorizing.

- No internet connection. Check the status of the Internet connection on the indicators located in the lower right corner of the terminal. If there is no connection, try entering the terminal again; the cause of the problem may be the choice of the wrong server or the indication of the wrong password.

Please note that the "Buy" and "Sell" keys are displayed in gray in the "New Order" menu and are inactive if you do not specify all of the order characteristics. Also, an order is not opened when the execution of an order of the corresponding volume is not possible for the type of trading account used.
How to open a order?
In the program window, right-click on the selected trading instrument. After that, a menu will appear where you need to click on the "New Order" button. Then set the characteristics of the order and open the position by clicking on the "Buy" or "Sell" button.
Everything you want to know about collective investments
What the minimum investment amount for start?
The minimum investment amount in one strategy is $ 100.

You can fund any of your investments at any time. Funds are transferred from your RAMM account into the investment instantly.

If by the moment of funding there were open positions in the investment, their volume will be increased proportionally to the new investment balance. This increase will be performed according to current market prices. This way the profitability of investment and its RAMM strategy will remain equal.

You can also withdraw part of funds from your investment any time, after your investments is switched to "Pause" mode using the investment context menu. In this mode copying of positions will be temporarily stopped until "Pause" mode is turned off. Funds will be transferred to your account instantly.

Please note that after withdrawing money from an investment, its balance should be not less than the minimal investment balance, defined in the Specification.

To withdraw all your funds, you can close your investment at any time.
How often is a commission paid to a trader?
Your earned fee is paid at the end of each week.

The system calculates the profit of each of your investors and transfers it to your RAMM account.

Investor's profit is calculated taking the high water mark into account: if the current profit (since the creation of the investment) is less than its maximal profit (i.e. it's a drawdown), the fee will be paid only since the profit exceeds its historical maximal value.

The fee is calculated individually for each investor.
How is the investment in strategy?
New investments into your strategy don't require any changes in trading from you. The RAMM platform automatically calculates the needed trade volumes for each of your investors. Creation of new investments and closure of existing ones is fully automated and doesn't require any actions from you. You can continue trading as you did before, while getting additional profit from your investors.

Go to the "Active" tab on the My Strategies page, open the desired strategy's menu and choose "List of investments". On the opened page you will see the list of active and closed investments into the strategy and check statements of each of them.
For Traders. How to create a strategy?
You can create unlimited number of strategies using one RAMM account. Each strategy is traded on a dedicated sub-account and doesn't affect other strategies.

After opening a RAMM account, you need open a new strategy on the RAMM / COPY section. When creating a strategy you will need to submit the following information:

  • The name of the strategy, which will be visible to other users

  • Fee rate. The maximal and minimal fee rate values are defined in the Specification. The fee rate cannot be changed after the strategy is created. All your investors will pay you the part of their profit, defined by the fee rate.

  • Turnover fee rate. This commission is applied only to trades on investments of other users into your strategy. Trades on your own investment are executed without this commission.

  • Target %. Target income. Upon reaching the target income, the investment will pause.

  • Protection %. At decrease in equity to the preset value the investment will pause.

After creating a strategy, an account will automatically be opened for you in the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, which will need to be deposit in any convenient way and trade from it.
How to close the strategy?
All created strategies are published to the section "All strategies" in the Rating after the first market position is opened. Other users of the platform will see the statistics of your strategy and may invest into it.

Publication doesn't mean that other users will see details of your trading. They will see only the statistics.

After your strategy fulfils the requirements, defined in the Specification, it's published into the main Rating.
How to closing investment?
You can close any of your investments at any time. When an investment is being closed, all its open positions are closed by the current market prices. The trader's fee is calculated and paid. After that, the money is transferred from your investment to your RAMM account.

If you command platform to close an investment which contains open positions for currently non-tradable instruments (i.e. during the weekend), this positions will be closed after trading is resumed. Only after that the investment will be actually closed.

Investment equity you see in RAMM is calculated based on the indicative quotes received when you refresh the page. Hence, the exact amount of money you will get after you close an investment may slightly differ from what you have seen when clicking the 'Close' button.

You cannot restore a closed investment, but you can create a new investment into the same strategy.
Can I invest in several strategies at once?
Yes you can. The minimum investment amount in one strategy is $ 100.
What RAMM is?
RAMM (Risk Allocation & Money Management) is a secure investment service that allows to get profit on financial markets by following trading strategies of experienced traders.

The main priorities of RAMM are:

  • reliability and usability,

  • protection of capital from sudden and unpredictable losses,

  • high accuracy of copying of trading strategies,

  • fair and transparent fees.

The service is suitable for experienced investors as well as for those just starting their acquaintance with financial markets. No special knowledge is required to use the service — RAMM will protect you from complexity of the finance world, leaving only the most important for your attention.

For experienced traders RAMM offers possibility to receive fee for sharing their strategies to investors all over the world.
What is the commission of a trader?
There are two fee types in RAMM: Turnover fee and Performance fee. Both can be set up independently for a strategy. The fee rates are defined at creation of a strategy and cannot be changed later.

The turnover fee may be set up by the trader and is measured in dollars per 1 mln. USD turnover. This fee is calculated and paid when a position is being opened or closed. For example, if a position to be opened in an investment is 0.5 lots USDCHF, and the strategy's turnover fee is 10 USD / mln., the investor will pay 0.5 USD to the trader. When this position is closed investor will pay another 0.5 USD.

The performance may vary from 0 to 50% of investors' profit. A trader cannot change the fee rate after the strategy is created.

The performance fee is paid only if your profit constantly grows and exceeds the previous high water mark. If a trader allowed loss in some trading interval, you won't pay the performance fee until profits of the subsequent trading intervals exceed your loss.

The performance fee is calculated and paid at the end of each week or when you close your investment.

Strategy statistics that can be seen in the platform (e.g. average weekly yield of a strategy or its yield chart) is calculated without subtracting trader's fee. You can see the report that shows information about paid fees and how they were calculated on the investment statement page.
What is pause mode?
To withdraw part of funds from your investment, first you have to switch investment to Pause mode.

You can set Pause mode from "Investments" page of your cabinet by pressing a button with corresponding icon. Pressing the same button again will resume trading on the investment.

In Pause mode trading is temporarily disabled and all open positions are closed. When trading is resumed, all open positions from the RAMM strategy are reopened in the investment with current market prices.
What is an investment profile?
While creating a new investment a client has to enter a number of parameters: Factor and Target. This set of parameters as a whole is called an "investment profile". During the first investing operation, the predefined values are initially chosen with possibility of manual change. This changed values are memorized by the platform and used for setting the next investment.

Factor - copy multiplication coefficient, changes from 0.1 to 10.

I.e. Factor = 2 means we are going to copy positions with potential profit (and risk) two times higher than on the original strategy.

Target - investment profit target. If this target is reached, all trading is suspended until investor confirms that he wants to continue trading. In this case, a new target is set.
How to open a RAMM account and start investing?
  • Log in to your personal account and create a RAMM account
  • Fund your RAMM account in any convenient way for a minimum amount of $ 100
  • Get the Best RAMM Strategy

You can invest into TOP-5 best strategies or choose any of strategies available in the platform.

When you create an investment into a strategy, RAMM creates a special sub-account for you, dedicated to copying signals only from this strategy. This sub-account is called investment. The chosen amount is transferred from your account to the Investment. No one except you has access to the Investment. Investments in different strategies use different sub-accounts, so different strategies don't affect each other.

To invest, you need to define the amount you want to invest and other parameters from the Investment profile.

The copying will start immediately after investing. The open positions which will be present in the RAMM strategy by this moment, will be opened in your investments with current market prices. This way you can choose an optimal moment to start investing.

RAMM platform will choose position volume proportionally to the size of your investment. The more funds you invest, the better accuracy can be achieved. However, even the smallest investments are guaranteed to get at least a minimal volume allowed by the broker.
Mini Accounts
Everything you want to know about Mini accounts
What is the currency of the account on Mini account?
The currency of the account on Mini accounts is in USD, however, when deposit a trading account, for example, for the amount of $100, you get a deposit 100 times higher - 10,000 cents. When withdrawing funds from the trading account, there will be a similar conversion to US dollars.
What the differences between the Mini and Standard account?
The minimum lot size on the Mini account is 0.01 (equivalent to 0.0001 lots). The maximum number of open positions and orders is 250.
What trading instruments are available on a Mini account?
Forex and Metals instruments with the suffix ".m" at the end of the symbol name (for example EURUSD.m).
What is the minimum amount you can start trading on a Mini account?
The minimum amount to trade is $1, but technically you can start trading with an amount from $0.1.